Women’s Custom Suits and Business Attire


Four Generations of Experience Behind Every Measurement

Since 2002, our seasoned tailors have been creating the finest handmade men’s custom clothing available. Fran’s Tailor has long since expanded to also include women’s custom suits in NYC. Each Fran’s Tailor client can be assured that all garments will be specifically created with her individual preferences in mind.


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Nothing less than a perfect fit will do. Should you take away just one piece of information from this website let it be the relentless dedication to creating the perfect fitting suit. 91 years has gone into the fitting process. At Fran’s Tailor you can be assured an experienced tailor will be taking your measurements. Your big day is too important to trust to an inexperienced fitter.

What Matters Most in a Women’s Shirt

Details that Make a Difference

After the basted-fitting, changes are noted and your garment is returned to our factory where your custom suit is completed. The fact that we own our own local workshop makes it possible for us to provide an altogether unique level of attention to each garment we produce.

No tailored clothing we create is ever outsourced. Everything is made in our  facility. Owning our factory also makes it possible for us to control the cost and maintain a very competitive level of value pricing. Even with our rigorous dedication to quality and service, the price of an Fran’s Tailor Custom garment remains a truly exceptional value.