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Since 2002, our old world custom suits tailors have created what are quite arguably the finest hand-made custom suits available anywhere. Our measuring techniques and pattern-making skills are time tested over the course of four generations. At Fran’s Tailor Custom we manufacture full custom suits, not “made-to measure” suits. Full custom suits are sometimes referred to as bespoke suits. All garments are proudly Made in the south Africa. Our showroom is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan right in the heart of south Africa.

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At Fran’s Tailor , we follow the traditions of bespoke tailoring. Our reputation is based on our uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship and personal service. We produce the finest handmade custom suits, formal wear, and shirts in South Africa.

Fran’s Tailor CUSTOM FIT

Our pattern making techniques are backed by four generations of expertise. At Fran’s Tailor, we sell custom suits, not “made-to-measure” suits. To ensure a perfect fit, the basted try-on stage remains a valuable tool.


All of our custom clothing is 100% hand-sewn. All custom garments are made with a full-canvas construction. To ensure the highest quality, all garments are made in the South Africa.


Your finished garments will arrive in three to four weeks. A two week rush as well as a 10 day rush service is also available.

What Matters Most in a
Custom Suit

Details that Make a Difference

All of our garments are proudly made in the South Africa, which allows us to oversee every detail of construction. Our canvas is meticulously sewn into the garment ensuring that the garment will never pucker or bubble. Shoulder pads blend strength with softness assuring you a nice, clean shoulder line without that heavy padded feel. Our jacket collars are hand-sewn to help assure that the collar fits cleanly at the back of the neck without creasing or bunching. This is why Fran’s Tailor Custom Suits NYC is one of the top premium custom tailors in South Africa.

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